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I would like to welcome all parents and players new to baseball. Vernon Baseball purchases all of the major equipment needed to provide a safe environment for players. There are a few items that parents need to purchase.

Helmet - Double ear protection is mandatory at all levels. Some helmets are sized (eg.SM, M, L) most are one size fits all. Color of choice is the navy blue. However, if you choose to be more creative and add a little color that’s ok too.

Athletic Protector - Jock’s for boys and Jill’s for girls. This seems to be the toughest one for kids to get used to. It is mandatory at all levels. The Jock for boys is a cup that fits around the genitals. Sizing is usually based on waist size. The biggest complaint is the cup is too big and cuts into the inner leg. The girls get a pelvic protector usually made of dense foam and protects the pelvic bone.

Pants – Grey or white pants are mandatory from Tadpole (9U) to Midget (18U). They are usually double kneed and provide protection with sliding. They form an integral part of the uniform. For T-ball (7U) it is recommended but not mandatory. You may choose to purchase baseball pants from the links provided here:

Mens Cuffed
Mens Regular

Belts and socks - From Mosquito (11U) to Midget (18U) each team is supplied a team Jersey. Color choice will be determined at the start of the year. Coaches may choose a color to match their team’s jersey. This is not mandatory but does improve the look of the team. From T-ball (7U) to Tadpole (9U) it is not required.

Foot wear - Appropriate foot wear is required. Cleats used for baseball are to have a plastic or rubber base. No steel cleats are allowed until Bantam (15U). As the players get older and more competitive, (e.g. Tadpole and up) cleats are a must. Slippery field surfaces will lead to injury. The best way to help prevent injury is with cleats. All kids need to come to the game with laces done up and double knotted. Delays in play often result from loose laces.

Gloves - Small hands need small gloves. The glove should be soft and easy to open and close. Parents need to start early and help break in those gloves. A larger glove will only make it harder for the kids to make plays. The following is only a guideline for size.
T-ball (7U) and Tadpole (9U) players 9 to 10 inch
Mosquito (11U) 10 to 11 inch
Peewee (13U) to Midget (18U) should be based on position. (e.g. infielders smaller glove /outfielders larger glove.

The following equipment is supplied by Vernon Baseball

Bats – Vernon Baseball supplies bats at all levels. Please do not bring bats from home unless given permission from the coaches. The bat size is important for development in the younger levels. Bats that are to heavy slow down the swing and wear out you players early in the at bat. Bat speed is very important from Mosquito (11U) to Midget (18U). Pitchers are throwing faster at every level. A lighter the bat will allow the batter to have more control.

Following further consultation with Baseball Canada, the bat manufacturing industry and sporting goods retailers, please find the an updated, finalized version of the 2018 BC Baseball bat rules which will be included in the 2018 BC Baseball Rulebook.
  • 7U (T Ball/Rally Cap) 30 inch, 2 5/8 inch max diameter, unlimited length/weight drop - bats with greater than 2 ¼ in. barrel diameter must be marked "USABB"
  • 9U (Tadpole) 30 inch, 2 5/8 inch max diameter, unlimited length/weight drop - bats with greater than 2 ¼ in. barrel diameter must be marked "USABB"
  • 10U & 11U (Mosquito) 32 inch, 2 5/8 inch max diameter, unlimited length/weight drop - bats with greater than 2 ¼ in. barrel diameter must be marked "USABB"
  • 13U (PeeWee) 32 inch, 2 ¾ inch max diameter, -10 max length/weight drop, marked "BPF 1.15" or "USABB"
  • 15U (Bantam) A/AA 2 3/4 inch max diameter, -3 max length/weight drop marked "BBCOR", or -8 max length/weight drop marked "BPF 1.15" or "USABB"
  • 15U (Bantam) AAA -3 max length/weight drop, Wood, Bamboo or Wood Composite
  • 18U (Midget) AA -3 max length/weight drop, and marked "BBCOR"
  • 18U (Midget) AAA/College Prep Wood, Bamboo or Wood Composite
Wood, bamboo and wood composite bats are permitted in all divisions.
Wood composite bats include wood bats with fibreglass sheathing and wood barrelled bats with composite handles.
Wood composite bats do not include any bat that has any metallic component.
Changes in bats at the 11U and younger levels for 2018 season as a Pilot Project for review after the season.

Catchers gear - Must be worn by all catchers. It is mandatory that all catchers from Mosquito (11U) to Midget (18U) use a catchers Glove. Helmet, chest protector and shin pads must fit properly. If it does not fit your child, please let the coach know and we will make arrangements for gear.

Balls - T-ball (7U) will use a fabric covered modified baseball. It has a softer foam core and lessons the chance of injury. Tadpole (9U) uses a synthetic cover baseball with a modified (softer) core. Mosquito (11U) to Midget (18U) use a leather (hard) regulation baseball.

If at any time you see equipment that need to be fixed or replaced or have a special request, please send an email to:
Lance Johnson
Equipment Manager